Safety Success

Safety excellence is not something we want, it is something we expect. There is NO COMPROMISE.

Outstanding safety performance is nothing new for Territorial, nor is it something we take for granted.

All employees and management share responsibility and accountability for ensuring that our staff, partners, property & the public are safe from harm.

While safety is increasingly important in this industry, Territorial has been taking safety seriously for many years. In fact, Territorial was amoung the first in the electrical industry to develop and implement its own safety program. We have implemented a workplace health and safety management system beyond what is legislated and we provide the appropriate equipment, training and procedures to achieve our safety goals. Territorial’s Safety Reward Program then recognizes and rewards outstanding safety achievers.

It has been our pleasure to have Territorial Electric on our projects over the years they are committed to their safety program. We have had a good standing relationship with Territorial Electric and their employees working for us. They have provided the steps required to be an excellent company in regards to their willingness and cooperation in making our projects a safe place to work. The safety of all workers on our project sites is extremely important to PCL and Territorial Electric has provided the leadership qualities required to be one of the premier contractors in the Electrical field. We encourage all contractors to demonstrate these qualities and provide the necessary steps to ensure that participation in the Certificate of Recognition is achieved. Territorial Electric has provided this. The safety of their workers has been demonstrated by Territorial on all projects they have completed for PCL and we would encourage all Electrical contractors to take notice of their efforts and strive to be as proactive as they are.”

R.P.White, District Safety Manager
PCL Construction Management Inc.


Certificate of Recognition (COR) & Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR)

Since 1995, we have contributed to development and implementation of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) and Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) programs through which our peers conduct independent evaluations. We consistently receive ratings in the high 90’s and in this most recent year’s external audit we achieved an outstanding 97%. In addition to the external audits mandated by the Alberta Construction Safety Association, we proactively conduct internal audits.

At 97.87% below industry average for lost time accidents, we are extremely proud of our WCB rating. Our claim costs are consistently, and significantly, lower than industry standard.

To view our WCB Report Card, please go here and see how we compare to others in the industry.


Territorial’s Certified Peer Health & Safety Auditor and Certified Trainers offer the following in-house training programs:


• Lift Training

• Harness Training

• Arc Flash Training  


Among Alberta’s Safest Companies

Territorial is one of the safest companies in Alberta… …and we have the awards to prove it!
We are among the 99.9th percentile of safe companies!

Based on corporate safety performance, Territorial was selected as one of 350 recipients (out of 128,000 employers!) of the Work Safe Alberta Best Safety Performer Awards. This award recognizes Alberta employers with exceptional safety performance in workplace health and safety.

Every day, on every job, every employee is giving complete and active participation to ensure the safety of staff, property and the general public.