30 Jan 2019

About this Position

The General Manager is responsible for all day to day operations of Territorial Electric, and shall oversee, direct and/or coordinate the activities of all projects and overall operations.


Essential Functions:

Reporting to the Board of Directors, typical duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Review monthly financial information and take steps as necessary to meet or exceed financial targets.
  • Lead and manage staff.
  • Promote, inspire and motivate a positive work environment. 
  • Establish and implement Territorial Electric policies, goals, objectives and procedures, conferring with the shareholders, management team and staff as necessary.
  • Understand, implement and enforce Territorial Electric’s Safety program.
  • Determine staffing requirements and oversee the interview, hiring and training of new employees with the assistance of project managers and human resources.
  • Monitor third party business and suppliers to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively providing the needed services and supplies while staying within budgetary limits.
  • Organize, lead and/or participate in manager meetings as required.
  • Develop, direct and manage projects forecasts, budgets and planning processes.
  • Promote and drive company business and market share.
  • Establish credit terms and policies for customers and or third party vendors.
  • Ensure that Territorial Electric remains a top choice in terms of customer service and safety.
  • Maintain personal networks and participate in professional organizations.


Required Qualifications:

  • Proof of a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field, e.g. accounting, finance, business administration or economics.
  • Significant experience in a leadership role.
  • Significant experience in the construction industry.                     
  • Excellent understand of sales, finance and management.
  • Experience and working relationship with financial institutions.
  • Proven record for performance with set goals.
  • Consistently strive to improve upon Territorial Electric’s work systems, processes, policies, effectiveness and efficiencies.
  • Excellent oral, written & listening skills.
  • Judgment and decision-making skills with ability to consider the relative costs and benefits of potential actions and choose the appropriate path.
  • Ability to identify measures of performance and actions needed to improve or correct performance.
  • Extensive knowledge of word processing software, spreadsheet software, e-mail software and use of the Internet.
  • Well-spoken and have the ability to speak clearly and confidently in all business settings.
  • Ability to read, understand and calculate banking figures such as; discounts, interest rates, percentages and commission etc.
  • Ability to delegate, set expectations and monitor progress of all direct reports.
  • Ability to attend and conduct presentations.
  • Motivate, inspire, provide and accept feedback to and from employees.
  • Possess prioritization skills necessary to use time effectively and set action plans to achieve business targets.


Asset Qualificiations:

  • Possession of Journeyman Electrician Ticket.
  • Experience in the Construction Industry



Working Conditions:

  • Must be able to travel.


If this opportunity interests you, and you meet all the above qualifications, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your CV and resume to . We would like to thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected will be contacted.